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September saw some lovely, warm, late Summer days. I made the most of visiting the sea and coast, before I returned to my school job. One day I went with a friend to walk around Portland. A great place for a rugged coastline and sea views. Whilst walking along, we paused regularly to observe a Kestrel hunting along the cliff sides, hovering every now and then, eyes fixed downwards. It seems to follow up along the coastline for half mile of so. We walked down into the main town at the north end, and found a nice pub right right next to the sea, where we enjoyed a well earned Sunday roast, before walking back. I decided to collect a few pretty pebbles, only got caught by a wave lashing the shore and ended with very soggy walking shoes ...but managed a very squelchy 4 mile hike back to the car. My walks often turn out to be eventful in some form or another.


This month also saw the start of the magical fungi season. Is always a joy to see what can be spotted whilst out walking, whether through woods or in meadows.


Is also the point in the year when mist starts to form some mornings, giving that early sign that Autumn is just around the corner.

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