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The Starling numbers increased significantly by December, and murmurations became more impressive. I am very fortunate to have a local lot to watch, but also like to visit a larger group the other side of the New Forest. I made several trips to visit the larger group this month, but sadly, not the colourful sunsets that I captured the Starlings against the previous year there. And due to Covid restrictions being re-enforced later on in the month, I could make no more trips to see the larger group of Starlings. Instead made the most of visiting my local lot - may be a small group, but raises bring a smile to watch them.


I was over the moon when we saw a bit of snow during the month - and lucky it fell on a weekend, so I was able to grab my camera and head straight out. And to my joy, found a pair of Hares hunkered down, embracing the elements. Such hardy creatures and they choose to be out in the open.

Sadly, the snow did not settle or come to much, but I still managed to capture a few magical scenes whilst the snow fell that morning.


It really was a month of all types of weather - bright crisp days, snow, wind, and very wet days ....and I certainly did some of the muddiest walks ever.


The year may have been one many would wish to leave behind, due to Covid - but New Years Eve saw one of the best and most mystical sunsets ever. It was pure magic. I spent the last hours of daylight in 2020 at Farley Mount (a favourite spot) located high up on the downs of the Hampshire countryside. The views are always stunning, being able to see the Isle of Wight and hills - but on this evening, it was like being in a castle up in the clouds. Walking up, could see the mist rising and the warm glow from the sinking sun, but once at the highest point, was stunned by the enchanting scene all around and one I will never forget. Mist blanketed the countryside and swirled around the lower small valleys, and tips of trees and a farm peeped out. Sheep were peacefully grazing in the foreground and the air was completed still. A very tranquil scene with a truly a magical atmosphere. It was as though Mother Nature wanted to make us smile and was rewarding us with a perfect end, to a difficult and challenging year.

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