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September sees Summer draw to an end, with signs of Autumn on the way - more windy days, fungi popping up in the woods, pigs released in the New Forest to feast on the acorns, and leafs starting to change colour and fall from the trees. All of which give me a sense of warmth, as Autumn (my favourite season) approaches.

We had some lovely warm days in the first half of the month, then with the arrival of lots of rain towards the end of the month. I managed to squeeze in a few weekend outings, as well as a few evenings walks ...before the clocks change and the evenings are dark. It is definitely the month to bring out the welly boots, with all the rain and mud - but then it has also been good for the the countryside and garden to get properly watered.

Many things have started early with nature over the past couple of years. It was a delight to see some Pannage pigs released on the New Forest, to feast on the early acorns (which are poisonous to the ponies). Lovely seeing them enjoy their freedom and find much contentment feasting and getting muddy, from dawn until dusk.

The nights started to get cooler, and a few Hedgehogs took advantage of 'Hog Cottage' (an additional nesting box to the two cafes they have) to enjoy a few evening and afternoon naps (I often get home from work, and can not wait to have a quiet peek inside to see if anything is snuggled up inside). There was also a sweet little Wood Mouse, who enjoyed lodging for a few days, stashing sunflowers seeds and nesting in the corner ...until the Hedgehogs took over - would have been nice if they shared :) 

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