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April has become one of my favourite months, as there is lots of new life and new beginnings for both plants and wildlife. It is the month which really represents Spring in full bloom - the month of Bluebells, Wild Garlic, golden fields of Rapeseed flowering, various Blossoms, and when all the leafs on the trees suddenly shoot out. It was lovely to see a good number of Butterflies and also returning Swallows during this month. 


This April experienced a lot of sunshine and little rain, so the beautiful carpets of Bluebells only peaked for a couple of weeks and seemed to be over quickly this year. I made the most whilst I could, and explored various, local Bluebell woods, on numerous occasions and at different times of the day. I discovered that the best time to capture the haze of blue and with good light, is before all the leafs have formed a roof over the woodland. 


I was very lucky to come across a pair of Hares who were regularly resident in a small and enchanting Bluebell wood. One morning I watched and photographed them over several hours, whilst they relaxed, had a graze, boxed a little, and meandered through the Bluebells. Just magical, and particularly special for me as was the combination of two of my favourite things - Hares and Bluebells. Perfect.


At the end of the month, I had a wonderful encounter watching a Badger. I had been out in the late afternoon and early evening to look for Hares, and on my way home I was driving along and caught something out of the corner of my eye. So I turned around and luckily there was somewhere convenient to park. I got out quietly, tiptoed up to a gate, zoomed in on my camera lens, and was delighted to see a Badger - just going about it's business, snuffling through some grass, working it's way down a track towards me. Sadly, the light was too dark to take any photographs, but I was able to take a video of it, which on some occasions is better, so can watch the natural behaviour of wildlife and others can enjoy it too. 

I have chosen this photo to represent the month of April, and seems very fitting.

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