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February this year, will probably be best known for the nation-wide flooding that we had. With constant rain and a couple of storms, my local countryside was hit hard, with rivers and canals overflowing, and water meadows filling up. The Gulls and Geese embraced the wet weather and congregated in all the flooded fields. I just felt badly for the wildlife that will have suffered - such as rabbits and Voles, where their burrows and warrens will have flooded, and drowning worms and bugs. Local Barn Owls may relocate, as their prey of the likes of Voles, will struggle to survive if fields and meadows constantly flood.

Sadly, only Humans affected got a mention, but we rarely get to hear about the wildlife suffering. Climate change is affecting us all on this planet.


On a brighter note, the flooding did make for some lovely photo opportunities, such as capturing reflections, especially at sunset (and include a picture below, which was taken at my local nature reserve).


During this month, I made a visit with a friend down to Brighton for the day, to catch the Starlings murmurating at the pier. Had a lovely day exploring the lanes, ended by watching a grand display by the Starlings, viewing them from the pier. Sadly, the sun went in (and it became bitterly cold) but it certainly did not deter the Starlings from performing. The Starlings all swooped down below the pier, where they all roosted for the night. Was great to walk along the pier afterwards, and listen to their bedtime nattering below the board walk. I will definitely make another trip down this coming Winter.

The best thing for me during the month of February, was seeing the Hares starting to become more visible - starting to gather together, becoming playful and  commencing their season of boxing ...where it is usually the female (Doe) fighting off the male (Buck), as she is not ready to breed. Quite often a male Hare will be seen zig zagging across fields, following a scent. 


Many Bluebell leafs are already well and truly up in the woods - Spring is just around the corner.

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