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February was a month that continued to see some lovely misty starts to the days. And the bonus is that getting out for sunrise, does do mean getting up too drastically early. Come Summer, it is very hard to get up at 4am, when it is barely dark at 10pm. So I am making the most until probably around June.


It was a month filled with nature's wonders, in various forms - a couple of great rainbows, and then the very cold temperatures after lots of rain, created some fantastic, roadside sculptures, of weird and wonderful icicles and formations. These were formed from cars splashing through big puddles, and amazing pictures on Facebook were posted from all around the country.


It is always a delight to see lots of Daffodils starting to bloom through February, and add a splash of early Spring colour and cheer. Also, the Primroses started to show and plenty of Bluebell leafs reaching up out of the woodland floor. Is that real sense and feeling that Spring is just around the corner.

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