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May saw Covid19 lockdown continued, and to be honest, even though I missed the social aspects, I had got to enjoy the peacefulness, with less traffic and people around on longer walks. It did become harder to find quiet windows, to sit out in the garden for peace and quiet. The whole neighbourhood became full with the sound of children playing out in their gardens, lots lawn mowing and gardening, and families enjoying having bbqs etc every day of the week - but could not blame them for making the most of the glorious sunshine etc. Think we all would have lost our sanity if lockdown had occurred during the cold and wet Winter months. I did find the best opportunity for a little tranquility, was whilst out on my sunrise walks - but even through normal times, that has always been my favourite time of the day for being out and relaxing amongst nature, in total peace.


By the second half of May, we saw some lockdown restrictions lifted, and we were allowed to drive a short distance to do our exercise. So I took the opportunity straight away, to drive to my 'usual' patch of beloved countryside to do my walks - and am lucky to have access on private land too, which meant I was able to walk on my own, in complete isolation. And what really filled my heart with joy, was the fact that I got to see my much missed, Hares again ...that I had pined for, for some 7 weeks or so, and had missed them dreadfully (like they were members of the family). My spirits lifted immensely, and my heart was content again :)


I was lucky to see plenty of Deer as well this month, including the odd Muntjac. And whilst sat quietly by a track early one morning, I looked up, to be eye to eye with a beautiful Roe Deer ...wondering what on earth was this human doing sat down in its way, and stepped back and forth, raising its head up and down, whilst it sussed me out for a minute, before heading off into the woodland. A lovely moment embraced. 

This Spring has been fantastic for wild flowers, and is always uplifting when spot the first of the Poppies out, usually in the borders of crop fields. And discovering whole fields full of Poppies is always exciting, as hopefully will get to visit one at some point - whether the vibrant red Poppies, or the larger, lilac Opium Poppies.


May continued to be a warm and sunny month - and with some cooler nights in between the warm days, meant there were a few hazy and misty sunrises. So I made sure that I dragged myself out of bed extra early a few mornings (much harder May until Aug, when sunrise is so early - but always worth the effort). And here is one shot which I caught, on one of those special mornings...

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