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July moves deep into Summertime, with the days heating up, whilst still enjoying longer and lighter evenings.

I ventured out with my camera after work one evening, to find the Hares. Only shortly into my outing, I was observing some distant Hares, when I heard splashing - to only realise it was coming from a water trough in a field. I knew straight away that something must be trapped and drowning in it. So immediately ran back to my car and grabbed the rescue carrier which I keep in the car, and then dashed back and clambered over the field gate and went over to the trough ....not quite knowing what I was going to discover! And there, was a very bedraggled and soggy Wood Pigeon. I scooped it out and popped it straight into the carrier and then headed to a wildlife rescue place (which are getting to know me now) - where they took on the pigeon, dried him off, checked him over, and then he was freed the following morning. He may have recovered if I had left him to dry off in the field, but he was tied and weak and a fox may have grabbed him that night. Whilst I was in a different area  (the New Forest) after I had dropped the pigeon off, I decided to stay out for the evening and spent a lovely couple of hours watching Deer and photographing New Forest foals in the evening sun. 

July saw some lovely sunrises and sunsets. However, it is hard getting up at 4am to venture out to see the sun rise, and I only made it out a handful of times at dawn (and have generally had less opportunities now I am back at work, and need to wait for the school breaks to make up time). 

I had a wonderful experience one early morning - when I spotted a male Fallow Deer heading across a field. He kept pausing, but was then off on a mission at quite a speed. I drove further along the lane (good 1/4 mile) and pulled over, and just as I did, a Hare dashed towards the fence, panicking, as the thunder of hooves were coming up the field ...and was the same Deer, going like the clappers, whilst snorting like a race horse! I got out of the car and looked through a gap in the hedge, and saw him continuing up the field chasing another Hare. Something I have never seen before. 

I made it down to the coast on a couple of days, to enjoy the sea breeze and blow a few cobwebs away. Is always good for the soul. Through the heatwave, it was a relief to enjoy the cooler air by the sea.

The crops are started to turn gold and no doubt harvest will happen early again this year. Having spoken with a couple of local farmers, they said it has been a good year for crops which is good news. And it is also fantastic to see more farmers planting wild flowers or fields of Phacelia crop to help encourage the Bees. 

I love July, as it is the month when the Harebells start to come through. Such delicate and dainty wildflowers, and also known as Fairy Thimbles. 

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