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June is always a month I look forwards to, seeing Poppies and other glorious, wildflowers. This year has been a particularly good year for Poppies and they seemed to thrive after the May heat wave, followed by some rain and further mild temperatures. I came across more fields than usual, full of Poppies this year which is a delight to see. I visited several locations, including fields full of lilac Poppies, as well as the usual Red ones. The lilac Poppies are grown for medicinal purpose, and are such a delicate colour, it can be quite tricky to capture them, showing enough contrast. I will update my gallery, to include some pics of both colours of Poppies.

I also love June as it is the month for Glow Worms. And after discovering some in a local, favourite spot last summer, I was keen to get back on a warm evening this year. Ideally, you need to go when pitch black, but I went on my own and did not want to go too late into the night. I got lucky and spotted 3 Glow Worms, working their magic - it is the females which glow, to attract their mates. One of the wonders of nature. Fascinating creatures and are like nature's very own fairy lights. I would love to also see Fireflies at some point.

During this month, it is lovely to see the crops starting to turn colour. However, it also means that whilst crops are tall, it is hard to spot the Hares! But every now and then, they would pop out onto the tyre tracks and borders and reach up to have a nibble of the crops.

The Swifts became quite active during June and I decided to get two Swift boxes put up on my house (as well as a Bat box). The Sparrows have investigated them so far, but it may not be until next year before the boxes get used - apparently, it is good for the Sparrows to use the boxes first, as it can then attract the attention of the Swifts, especially the younger ones which tend to come to the UK a little later than the older adults. Fingers crossed for next year.

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