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I do enjoy March time, as the month where we see more signs of Spring ...bright and cheery Daffodils, Primroses, the first of the early Bluebells and Wild Garlic, lots of new shoots on trees, along with more activity from wildlife - the Hares are full of beans, the birds are collecting nesting material and the Bees and Butterflies are busy on their missions. It felt like many things happened slightly earlier this year, partly due to having a heatwave through much of the month, which many of us relished.

I ventured out at dawn on many mornings to see the Hares, and one morning I was fortunate to be able to watch 10 Hares hanging out with one another, having odd sessions of chasing one another around, with females boxing off the males. Always a lovely sight and always look like they are happy Hares. I was also extremely lucky when I ventured into a woods and came across a Hare snuggled down in it's hollow, having had a good dust bath, going by the dirt all over it. I love the alternative name of 'Wood Cat' which refers to a Hare in the woods.

One day I headed to the New Forest for a change. It was a beautiful sunny day and lots of ponies were lying down, basking in the sunshine. A few ponies were definitely rather round and in foal. I will look forwards to foaling time, which will be in the next couple of months.

During this month I was lucky to have a photo published in the Daily Mail online, of a Hare with a Pheasant. It was a popular photo as it looks like the pair are having a little conservation. If you would like to see the article, I have added it on my News & Publications page.


As I adore all animals and would like to pursue my photography a little further, this month I decided to start offering pet and animal photography. I have set up a page on my website, if anyone is interested. Do spread the word :)

And here is the photo of my close encounter with the Hare in the woods - the 'Wood Cat'

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