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I really love November, as it means Autumn is well under way, with it's beautiful colours peaking and colder days, with misty sunrises. A time of year I look forwards to, with great anticipation.

I managed to squeeze in a few early starts with the camera, before I went to work. This year I discovered a new local spot to venture to, which has an amazing view across my home town and the many trees across the Test Valley. It also overlooks the Abbey, which stands as a bold landmark, taking you back in time. It has become one of my favourite spots, due to also getting to see the sun rise over the horizon too - and on misty mornings, lots of pockets of mist fill the dips in between the trees and hills. A Winter image I love to capture on camera.

The local Starlings were fairly active this month and numbers probably reached 30k or so. I feel so lucky to live close by to a local Nature Reserve, and get the Starlings and Geese frequently fly right over my house and garden. Is always a thrill to hear the Geese approaching, honking away to one another, and then seeing them fly right over ahead. 

This month I received the calendars which I had put together (both a General one, as well as a Hare one this year) and spent many evenings after work, sorting payments and preparing for posting out. Is such a delight to have received lots of great feedback from those who received calendars, and loved them. If anyone would like one for 2021, please follow my Facebook photography page, where I keep everyone updated.

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