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The month which sees Summer roll into Autumn, and this year has followed on from one of the hottest and driest Summers encountered for decades. The abundance of sunshine was welcomed by many, but sadly much wildlife, such as Hedgehogs, Badgers and Moles, were severely affected, as struggled to find water sources and dig for grubs as the ground was so hard. Like many others, I made sure that I left a source of water and supply of food out in my garden, which my regular Hedgehog visitors made the most of, and they relished their outings to 'Hog Cafe'.

September is the month where we start to see those glorious, ethereal, misty sunrises, which I have made the most of and captured on a few of my early morning adventures. I love to see the mist linger above water and across low dips in the rolling countryside, and also when it creates spectacular sun rays through the tress - like natures own spot lights.

I get quite excited once Autumn commences, and can smell the air changing, see the acorns start to drop and admire the changing colours of reds, coppers, ambers and golds.

On each of my early outings with my camera, after finding a good spot for sunrise, I usually venture on to my 'Hare Country' which is just ten minutes away. Unfortunately, since all the fields were harvested and sprayed, and hundreds of young Pheasants released, the Hares have shifted locations and have not shown in the high numbers which I saw during Summer. However, I sometimes get a glimpse of a few distant Hares hunkered down, and always reassures me that they are still around - just playing Hide and Seek this time of year. 

I have been fairly lucky to spot Deer regularly on my outings, and is lovely to watch this years young follow the adults around. There has also been plenty of Buzzards, Red Kites and even Ravens showing. I love that unmistakable deep, croaky call of the Raven.

Here is one of the photos I took during September which I think best represents the month

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