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The start of the full-on misty season - my favourite types of mornings to venture out with the camera ....and even better if frosty too. Can become a very fairytale scene - so magical and ethereal, seeing trees and buildings emerging out of the mist, or to capture enchanting sun rays through the trees. I am lucky to have several favourite spots I can go to, to capture all this. And sometimes it is so hard to decide which to head to.


I got out on a few weekend walks through this month, with my bubble friend. Think we have probably covered most of the local countryside footpaths now, but I never tire of any of them and all change through the year and seasons. During one walk in the New Forest, we stopped to watch a grey pony enjoying a drink from a stream - looked so picturesque amongst the autumn colours, with the reflection in the water, and could easily imagine it being a Unicorn. Was like a scene from a fairytale. Then moments later, I spotted a majestic Red Stag, standing proudly up ahead, watching us for quite a few minutes. It then went on about it's business, following the red of the nearby herd. Feel very fortunate to live in a lovely area, right near the likes of the New Forest, the coast, rivers, hills and downs and plenty of woodlands and forests.

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