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The first month of a brand new year, and in the depth of mid-Winter. However, it was a fairly mild month overall, with some Hedgehogs still not in full hibernation, and have been visiting my Hog Cafe for food regularly.


We did see a few colder, frosty mornings - which I immediately embraced and took advantage of (on days that I was not at work). I do adore the bright, crispy and misty mornings. So mystical and pretty, especially at sunrise, making for fab photos.


It was also a month where Starling murmurations were at their peak with massive numbers, so I made numerous trips to a location, to watch this whenever the weather allowed. Such an amazing spectacle, and different every time. Nature is truly amazing. I had been in two minds whether to venture there one Saturday, as the weather was on and off, but decided I had nothing to lose. And it most certainly was worth it, as it turned out to be a most stunning and dramatic sunset - a perfect backdrop for the Starlings displaying. And was then lucky enough to get a photo of the Starlings in the shape of a heart against the spectacular sky, published in a National Newspaper. I also had a spread in the Southern Daily Echo other various photos I had captured of the Starlings - in the shapes of a Genie, a Kangaroo, a Duck, and Dinosaurs (pics can be viewed on my photography Facebook page).


I was also chuffed to see a few more Hares becoming visible during January. They tend to stay more in woodlands through Winter and become a little illusive for a few months - but I was lucky to find them in a little woodland I go to. They have favourite trees to make hollows under, and particularly like the natural hollows at the base of Oak trees. I am very excited to start seeing even more Hares over the coming months 🙂

The below photo is available as a print - if interested, please email me.

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