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March was a month full of promise, but also the month that saw the start of a worldwide crisis, being Corona - certainly brought mixed emotions for all, and a whole new way of living and readjustment.


The month started out with much hope and with a bright Spring to look forwards to. The signs of a very good Spring were all there - the abundance of Primroses, following a good show of Snowdrops and then the Daffodils, and the pretty Violets draping the verges and woodland floors. And then off course, the first Bluebells starting to peep through. We had a good balance of rain and sunshine, which meant the start to a very promising and lush Spring.


It was also the month of Mad March Hares, all congregating together, chasing each other around in open fields ...and then the boxing, off course. March is the main month that it all kicks off, but they can be seen boxing for a number of months, where Hares breed from February until October, usually. What some people are not aware of, is that it is usually the female boxing off a male, and often she will have more than one male pursuing her at one time. The Hares often become illusive over Winter, so is wonderful to see them all venture out and become active again, full of the joys of Spring. It certainly makes for a delightful and heartwarming scene, and something I relish and look forwards to every year. But this year, things all changed, once Lockdown was implemented. Seeing the Hares through Spring and the first of the year's Leverets will very sadly, have to be postponed until next year. I long for the moment Lockdown is lifted and can venture out to see the Hares. But who knows when that will be.


March saw some lovely, misty and frosty starts to the days, and I was able to enjoy a few of these with the camera. Is a month of chilly mornings, turning into warm, early Spring days. I often go out at dawn wrapped up in a coat and scarf, and then am down to a t-shirt by lunchtime, making the most of this first, warm days of the year.


Lockdown meant being off work for a while, and not being able to go far from home (apart from the odd, local walk) - so I got straight to work in the garden, to tidy it up and plant new seeds. This was several days of work, but got glorious sunshine the whole way through. And whilst being out in the garden, also got to enjoy all the birds that visit regularly and watch their daily routines - getting ready to nest, by collecting nesting material and also feeding one another. Having a garden and local nature to embrace, made Lockdown that bit more bearable. ...And my cat Nero appreciated his mum being at home more, and has been my little shadow and the prefect little companion.

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